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Your flexible outsourcing

The outsourcing also known as « Business Process Outsourcing » provided by SNDa gives you the opportunity to handle sudden and unexpected workloads that you couldn’t manage with your internal teams. We offer resources that are available right away. You can even choose between teams that are dedicated solely to your company or teams that are shared with others.
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Your affordable BPO

Focus on your core business and leave the administrative, back office, financials tasks to specialists while reducing your overall costs
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Outsourcing made easy

Outsourcing is easier than people think. The definition of the process to be externalized is done with you, assisted by a senior specialist of SNDa. The IT tools are chosen and the SNDa teams are trained on the tools and the processes. The first weeks, a close monitoring is done to get to a stationary operation quality.
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Armenia, culture and business

Yerevan is not only exceptional by its many churches. It is also the industrious capital city of Armenia, a country with a significantly growing economy. It has numerous universities that train large amount of students on a Bachelor, Masters or PhD level. They speak, in addition of Armenian, English, Russian and French.
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